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Sniper Elite takes place in 1945, at the close of the war. The game
focuses on the conflict between Russia and Germany for control of
Berlin. The Russian secret service, known as NKVD, is in town to steal
the atomic-bomb technology from the German Army. You have to put a stop
to that posthaste, because nuclear weapon technology in the hands of
Stalin's forces would surely spell big trouble for just about the
entire world. You are an American sniper, trained by the OSS to be the
best of the best when it comes to covert operations. Disguised as a
German soldier, you have to stop the NKVD at all costs. The
single-player campaign is quite lengthy. There are 28 missions in a
variety of different (but very similar) war-torn settings. The missions
are pretty much what you'd expect from a sniper game. You'll have to
assassinate high-ranking officials, steal secret documents, rescue
captured allies, and shoot hundreds of guys in the head. The campaign
can easily take 12 hours or more to finish. If you complete all the
optional objectives and take the time to set up all your shots rather
than just blast away recklessly, this game will easily take up as much
time as you're willing to give it. Therein lies the conundrum with this
game. If you play it carefully, a single level can take much more than
an hour to complete. The stealth is well done here, and the game does a
great job of building up the sense of tension that comes from sneaking
around and picking off enemies. After a while, though, that tension
fades into tedium, and you'll eventually just be wishing you could move
on already.

The missions aren't particularly satisfying, either. Some of the more
complex missions are great, like when you have to climb your way up a
cathedral tower and snipe enemy soldiers as they rush your ally, who's
stuck waiting for transport. The problem is that most of the missions
are rather anticlimactic. You'll spend a long time fighting through as
many as six or seven fairly simple but time-consuming objectives, only
to have the final objective be something as simple and unexciting as
walking to the ex-filtration point, unchallenged, so you can exit the

Another problem with the missions is that they require a lot of trial
and error to really figure out what you're supposed to do. You'll die
several times while trying to figure out what the best position is to
complete your objectives, or where enemies will be coming from. This
means you'll replay the same mission several times, even on the easiest
difficulty. This is especially frustrating when you go through 20
minutes or more of buildup, only to have the guy you were supposed to
assassinate get spooked and run away. Then you have to go through that
20-minute buildup all over again. Luckily, you can save anywhere you
want and at any time, though you do have a limited number of saves per
mission. You'll want to save often so you don't have to keep going over
your same tracks every time you die.

Headshots are the order of the day in Sniper Elite.

You'll die a lot, too, because as a sniper you aren't equipped to take
much damage. A few rounds from a machine gun at close range are more
than enough to put you down. You can find bandages and medikits on the
ground and by searching corpses, but healing items are few and far
between. The enemy artificial intelligence here is deviously
intelligent, as well. In fact, the AI is almost too intelligent
sometimes; they have an uncanny sense of where you are at all times,
even when you've gone to great lengths to remain concealed. The enemies
in the game don't often just stand there and wait for you to pop them
in the head. Enemies run for cover, crouch, and lay down, and they'll
even work together to pull some dirty tricks. For instance, a group of
enemies might keep you occupied while another enemy sneaks around
behind you and unloads a clip in your back before you can even turn
around to see what's happening. If you shoot an enemy in the leg, he'll
fall to the ground and squirm around while shouting for help. If you
don't finish him off right away, another enemy will pick up his fallen
comrade and carry him to safety. The game does a great job of making
the enemies seem crafty and intelligent. A good deal of the challenge
here is derived from the fact that it's usually far more effective to
outfox your enemies than it is to outgun them.


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