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 Tomb Raider: Chronicles RIP

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Tomb Raider: Chronicles RIP[139 MB]

Tomb Raider: Chronicles RIP 61u20t1

Core Design, maker of the Tomb Raider series, has proven to be a prolific developer. Without even counting the “gold editions,” Tomb Raider: Chronicles is the fifth Tomb Raider game in as many years – a feat that deserves some sort of recognition. Not many games make it to a fifth chapter, let alone in such a short time span. But while Core and publisher Eidos Interactive should be commended for their commitment to avoiding the long development cycles that plague so many games, they can also be criticized for squandering what began as an imaginative and interesting series. Tomb Raider: Chronicles features good level designs and a bit of variation on the tried-and-tried-again Tomb Raider formula, but there’s too little in the way of innovation to make it seem like anything more than just another trip to the cash cow.

At the outset of Chronicles, Lara Croft is presumed dead and several of her colleagues and friends are holding a memorial service in her honor. This service leads to a sort of vigil, where the gathered recall some of Lara’s past exploits. These stories make up the adventures, and there are four unrelated episodes. Each of these finds Lara searching for some mythical artifact in some mystical land, usually against some European adversary. Descriptions of the episodes sound like variations on Clue solutions: You have the Frenchman with the Philosopher’s Stone in the Roman Colosseum and the German with the Spear of Destiny in the Russian submarine. Lara will also have to hunt demons in an Irish moor and find an Egyptian artifact in a high-security skyscraper.

Whats Ripped?
A few movies


Tomb Raider: Chronicles RIP Tomb_raider_chronicles_bemutato_01

Tomb Raider: Chronicles RIP Tomb_raider_chronicles_bemutato_02





RAR Password:


Installation Instructions:
1.: Unace either manually or use installer.exe, If you unace manually and see a Crack.ace, unpack that into your gamedir too and overwrite the executable files.(you can delete cracktro.exe its a useless file…forgot to delete it)
2.: Copy regsetup.exe to your game dir and run regsetup.exe.
3.: Run autorun.exe to configure your hardware and start the game.
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Tomb Raider: Chronicles RIP
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